Astdafa Company Web Design

Astdafa Company Web Design

website design:

Web design is professional. Web sites are designed by distinguished web designers. The activity of the site is well studied and the planning is well planned to turn this activity into a attractive and attractive design that attracts millions of followers and customers to your company. The speed of browsing within the site is consistent with the standards and basics of search engines. Our site results in the initial search results, compatibility with all types of smart phones, computers and various Internet browsers, providing high quality services to customers.

Web Astdafa Company:

Astdafa company offers many different services to its customers, making it one of the best web design companies in the Arab world and the whole world.

  • Good knowledge of customer requirements.
  • Study site activity well before starting design.
  • Good site planning by identifying the number of pages and activity of each page and how to display them.
  • Provide ready-made models for customers to identify the final site format.
  • The design is comfortable and suitable for visitors.
  • Web design in modern and different programming languages.
  • Providing a special center for uploading pictures and videos.
  • Provide a special "easy to use" control panel through which you can fully control the site.
  • Provide full protection for all sites on the servers of our company.
  • Take care of ad spaces during design, making your site more effective and profitable.
  • Take into consideration the basic criteria of search engines, SEO and archiving rules to ensure success and access to the initial search results.
  • Keep away from Flash and software during design, which does not adversely affect the speed of browsing within your site.
  • Simplify and simplify the site interface and publish your company's publications and brochures.
  • The ability to add chat feature on the site.
  • Provide full live chat support for customers.
  • Messages to members of the site and control.
  • Provide an unlimited number of official emails.
  • Link site social networking sites different "Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and others"
  • Register with global search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing.
  • Site support in many languages.

All that and more you can get when designing a website I have a hosting company

Astdafa Company for Hosting Hosting and Domains:

Astdafa Company is the best Arab company to provide hosting and hosting services for the following reasons:

  • Provide complete security for customers at all levels of security while purchasing one of our services
  • If a hacker logs in to your site, you can immediately get to know your support team.
  • Ability to communicate with 24/7 direct support
  • The servers of the hosting company based in Los Angeles "Internet center", which helps to provide the best absolute quality and high speed.
  • Enjoy the fastest possible data transfer.
  • We have the best types of RAM "not less than 16 GB Ram" which speeds up the speed of your site.
  • Provide free services such as SSL certificate Lifetime.
  • The CPANEL control panel includes more than 400 free ASCII programs that you can install with just one click.
  • Different plans for web hosting at different and suitable prices

I am now starting to request services through a ASTDAFA site


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